RH Foundation provides desks for city school

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

The RH Foundation has paid about K6000 for 20 desks for the Tembari Children’s Care at ATS in Port Moresby.
RH Foundation executive officer Eric Mumson Piuk said they were pleased to assist schools in properly educating people.
“We want to invest in schools like this and in return, we want you to come to school every day and use these desks,” he told the students.
Piuk reminded the students that if they wanted to be successful and live a good life, they would need to attend school every day.
Through the initiative, RH Foundation hoped to create an environment conducive to learning so children were encouraged to further their education.
Tembari Children’s Care director Hayward Sagembo thanked the foundation on behalf of the organisation and urged the students to take good care of the desks.
“RH has been helping us since 2010 and, in return, they want you to discipline yourself and respect others,” Sagembo told the students.
Sagembo told The National that the desks would be given to Grade  Four and Five but still needed desks for Grade Two and Three.
Tembari Children’s Care was a community-based organisation established in 2003 for orphans and only recently started taking in students who were not orphans because there was no school in the area.