RH Foundation supports children’s organisation

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RH Foundation donated K4,000 to the PNG Children’s Foundation on Tuesday at Kid’s Haven in Korobosea Port Moresby.
During the presentation, RH Foundation general-secretary JK Balasubramaniam said the donation was only one of the many donations RH Foundation had contributed to the development of the community as a responsible corporate citizen over the years.
PNG Children’s Foundation, is a charitably funded organisation that help children who are victims of violence or abusive acts which is headed by PNG Children’s Foundation president Yiannis Nicolaou.
The children are cared for by five voluntary mothers.
The foundation has a temporary shelter called Kids Haven which is currently accommodating 19 children from as young as nine months to 13 years old.
These children are accommodated, fed, clothed and put to schools.
Three of the older children are attending Wardstrip Primary School and have proven to be excellent students academically.
Their most recent term results have ranked them in first and second places.
Thirteen-year-old Alice who is in Grade 4 was ranked first in a class of 75 students while the other two girls, Flavia and Joselyn, were both ranked second in their respective classes of 74 students in Grade 3.
Mr Balasubramaniam when presenting the cheque said children were the most valuable resources to the development and future of the country and had to be nurtured well.
He further said that the future of a child was decided by two factors: nature and nurture.
PNG Children’s Foundation at this stage is nurturing these unfortunate children in a very trying environment.
The children’s temporary shelter, which is rented by PNG Children’s Foundation was in predicament because the new owner wants it to be vacated soon.
But Mr Nicolaou vowed to remain in the rented premises until another suitable location is identified.
RH Foundation also made significant contributions to the community in different ways.
They have contributed to a number of charities in the community
including Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation, Friends That Care Awareness and PNG Women’s Doctors
Association plus many other development projects in health, sports, schools, BAHA and Operation Open Heart.