Ribat: Be responsible

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The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014


TEACHERS in Catholic schools have been reminded of their responsibilities and their mission as Christians and witnesses of the Gospel and builders of joy and peace in their schools.

During the Commissioning of Teachers and Catechists at Port Moresby’s St Joseph Catholic Church last Friday, Archbishop of Port Moresby John Ribat urged the teachers to be a model of life to their family, students, community and their friends.

“Be a person who is influential for the good/for the better in our societies,” Ribat said.

The pastoral programme for the archdiocese this year under the theme “Promote greater awareness and respect for the environment in aspects of urban living, health and hygiene”  aims to promote participation, ownership, respect and a practice in living a healthy, clean environment.

“In our schools, teachers, students, catechists, parents and the community, your responsibility is to build environments that attract and draws the attention and pride of yourselves first, and our visitors and friends that comes later,” Ribat said.

He encouraged teachers to practise participation, ownership and respect in their school.

“We have the power to build and power to destroy. God gave us the mandate to be committed and responsible. We have at responsibility in life for the betterment of the children and people,” he said.

He reminded teachers that students are always looking for a model that will encourage them in life.

“You are an instrument of progress that speaks about life.”

The teachers were told that the way they presented themselves to the children and the community would be an influence in building and promoting a clean and healthy environment conducive to learning, at the same time drawing respect from the community.