Ribat calls on churches to support Aids awareness


Churches in the country are urged to collectively help in implementing HIV and Aids awareness and educate people to live healthy lives.
Chairman of the Papua New Guinea Christians Leaders Alliance on HIV and Aids, Cardinal Sir John Ribat made this call after realising that churches could do more through their networks and programmes to relay health messages.
Sir John said many working class people were living with the virus and churches played a vital role to educate the population on how to avoid the virus.
“We all need to come together and create awareness which will help our  people to live longer,” he said. “Aids is a killer disease that needs to be weeded out to save the future generation.”
Sir John said that people need to be asked to get tested and know their HIV status.
“It will be better for you to be receiving treatment earlier than rushing at the last hour,” he said.
Sir John said people seemed not to care about their lives and needed to be educated.
“I call on the churches because they will provide teaching and create awareness as part of their programmes,” he said.
“Church will play a vital role in minimising the disease and save many lives.’