Ridiculous of Atiyafa to introduce bill to end all inquiries

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

I WOULD like to express my disgust in Robert Atiyafa’s proposal to introduce a bill that will end all inquiries into leadership wrongdoing in the past and present (The National, Aug 16).
It is absurd to suggest such a bill.
Nobody is above the law.
Yes, the country has wasted a lot of money in these tribunals and investigations like the Column1 in The National said: “What is wasted financial resources compared to acts of graft and grand theft that go undetected, unattended and out of control?”
All taxpayers demand an explanation and for justice to be served on those hauled up for misconduct.
Such investigations and tribu­nals tell the people that no matter who or what you are, if you break the law, you will be dealt with.
Isn’t that what is required of every Papua New Guinean?

Silent Critique
Mt Hagen