Riff-raff hanging out at megamall

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, June 17, 2011

IT was shocking and unfortunate that there was an attempted abduction of a schoolgirl at Vision City megamall last weekend.
I am very proud of the megamall and was excited to see so many shops selling a variety of things – from household items to electronic gad­gets and modern dress.
Initially, there were not many people but the number has increased and soon, it will be hard to find a car park, especially during weekends.
Many people find it a good place to spend the weekend and eat out and allow our children to meet and make new friends there.
Vision City megamall is a symbol of a developing city and country.
Many Papua New Guineans, who never get a chance to visit big malls overseas, get a thrill by visiting it.
But last weekend’s incident show­ed it may not even be safe to bring our children and family there.
Some Papua New Guineans clearly do not deserve to be there.
Many jobless youths must learn how to look after public places, public properties and behave like a civilised person.
Of the thousands of people at the mall, hundreds are wandering aimlessly, looking for opportunities to grab bags, pick pockets and rob the unwary.
I had a disgusting experience at Vision City.
While I was withdrawing some money, something wet fell on my left arm.  I was shocked that someone had the gall to spit inside a building.
On Tuesday, a school sent a newsletter to all parents warning them to be careful when visiting Vision City with their children.
Luckily the small girl managed to escape unhurt.
The mall management must boost its security personnel and ensure the safety and security of its valued customers. 
Recently, we read in the newspapers about a criminal who tried to blackmail former Miss PNG and he  was arrested at Vision City.
Do we know how many drug dealers, opportunists and sick people are hanging around the place waiting for opportunity to strike?
When such news spread, people will keep away from the mall.
A cineplex is set to open soon and I fear it will attract more aimless people there and possibly becoming a haven for criminals and raskols.
I call upon the police commissioner and his officers to beef up security in the mall.
Otherwise, it might suffer the same fate as Gerehu theatre where women and young girls ended up being raped.
I call on the people to behave in a more civilised manner. We need to change our mentality.


A passer-by 
Port Moresby