Right move by Polye to seek fresh mandate

Letters, Normal

The National

I would like to comment on the National Court decision on Aug 14 to declare the election of Don Poyle as Kandep MP null and void.
The judge said he found it hard to believe some polling stations could return 100% vote for a single candidate.
Why not?
This showed the people have the trust and confidence in Mr Polye.
He brought basic services such as roads and bridges, education, health services, agriculture, school upgrading, law and order, etc, to the electorate.
I would also like to say that Mr Polye made the right decision to go for a by-election instead of a court review.
This showed he is confident of winning the people’s support again.
We will give Mr Polye the support he needs to put him back in office.


D Piao
Port Moresby