Right start to life vital

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HAVING the right attitudes and behaviour with a goal in mind is the right start to an excellent and successful life.
Commanding officer Lt-Col Mark Keru said that often-times people leave out “those three things until it’s too late”.
Speaking on the theme “achieving a better future through quality education and training”, he said it was important that students set their life now for what they can achieve for a better future and not wait till they are adults or when they want to graduate.
“When we graduate, we go to the next phase of life and it is what we do, as individuals that will set the scene for our respective futures,” he said.
Col Keru also told the parents and teachers that they had a responsibility and that was to shape the destiny of the students to ensure that the children receive quality education.
“This means that it is your duty as a parents to ensure that your child’s school fees are paid and their education needs are met,” he said
He was speaking during the 15th graduation of Igam Primary School in which 54 Grade Eight got their certificates of attainment.
Most of the students were children of servicemen who reside within the barracks itself.