Right to invest in petroleum school

Letters, Normal

The National,Friday 09th December 2011

ALTHOUGH we may not agree with everything the government has planned for in the 2012 budget, we must applaud its foresight to invest in a new petroleum engineering school at the University of Technology.
From what I have been following, it is clear that we can do a lot more with our oil and gas onshore than to sell overseas as raw mate­rials.
We have thousands of science and technology gra­duates as well as those who are still in school.
We must invest in them and a petroleum en­gineering school is spot-on.
Whether we start small or big is not the issue as we must start somewhere.
I suggest money should also be pumped into harnessing renewable energy sources so that we do not deplete our oil and gas.

PNG Tauna
Port Moresby