Rights denied


AS obviously spelt out on the Articles of Association of PNGSDP, Section 25(A): the provincial administrator of Western appointed under the Organic Law on Provincial Government and Local Level Government and the Public Services (Management) Act 1995 (or any amending or replacement legislation) and continuing to hold such office (WP administrator) has, by virtue of the office he holds, the right to be appointed as an ex-officio director of the company-PNDSDP (WPA director).
The administrator is the representative of Western people in the directorship cycle.
For many years, knowingly and deliberately they have denied or deprived the rights of the people of Western to fair representation in the directorship role in SDP.
On the basis of qualified rights, it’s by the time Western was given a chance to have “power of authority” to PNGSDP with the perspective of potency mandate to bring about change to the province.

South Fly, WP

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