Rigo aspirant aims to build strong ties with provincial govt

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 ESTABLISHING and strengthening the relationship between the Rigo Central LLG office and the provincial government is the first step to bring basic services to the people, LLG president candidate Buri Magaru said. 

Magaru said the plight of the people suffering from lack of services was a result of an inactive relationship between the provincial and district levels which he intended to resolve by establishing contact posts, building a new office complex and create motivating working environment for public servants. 

“The LLG administration in the district has been ineffective over the past 10 years which has contributed to the short fall of vital basic service not reaching the people. These are scenarios we have to fix. People cannot suffer silently in their own back yard. We have to get the LLG function effectively so that services can reach the people.  

He said the main setback of public service inefficiency was the non-availability of an office building which had officers sitting under trees to do their work.