Rigo MP plans to develop township in Kwikila station


DEVELOPING Kwikila station in Central into a township and upgrading the market are among new Rigo MP Lekwa Gure’s priorities in the next five years.
“Development of Kwikila township is the highest priority on my list including building the MP’s house in Kwikila and developing Kwikila market,” he said.
“During this term, I will make sure we build a member’s house in Kwikila so the district’s people will not need to come and see the
MP in Port Moresby but see me in Kwikila.
“We will also make sure we develop the Kwikila market,”
Gure said.
He said apart from this, there were seven other plans he had when he contested the election and they included:

  • Improving accessibility in terms of roads and bridges in the district;
  • Improving education and training;
  • Concentrating on business opportunities;
  • Food security and water supply;
  • Rural electrification;
  • Addressing global warming and climate change; and
  • Supporting churches.

Gure said he would concentrate on those areas.