Rigo MP will upgrade roads

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The National

I REFER to the letter “Upgrade road, Rigo MP” (The National, Aug 18) by Tau Dibura Jnr.
It is no secret that Rigo district, like many around the country, suffer from a poor road network system as a result of neglect by successive governments.
Even the recent patching and maintenance works throughout the district have been laid bare by nature’s uncontrollable elements.
Also, the wear and tear due to an increase in private and public vehicles to Hula, Kwikila and beyond along the Magi Highway in the past 10-15 years compared to the traffic capacity the writer referred to in the 1960s and 1970s.
Whilst the Gamoga Road is no longer the main highway, the Office of the Member for Rigo took note of that.
As such, following consultation with the respective presidents of Rigo coast, Rigo central and Rigo inland local level governments (LLGs), resolutions were made to address these situations through proper channels as soon as possible.
There is hope and good news on the way as a result of guidelines set by the Office of Rural Development under the District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP).
Rigo MP Ano Pala, together with the Rigo district administration and the joint district planning and budget priority committee, have taken steps to provide better road access in the immediate future.



Stephen Dawanincura
Press secretary
Office of the Member for Rigo