Rigo Roosters keen

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RIGO Roosters from Central province are now looking to enter the toughest competition in the country the bemobile Cup next year if they meet all the entry requirements.
A top rugby league administrator in Rigo and PNG, Gwaibo Mairi, told The National that they had already secured the blessings from the Rigo Member Ano Pala and would be  coming up with plans and proposals to ensure the team made it into the competition next year.
Mairi who is also the Rigo Central Rugby League competition president, revealed that he would be meeting with the Papua New Guinea National Rugby League officials next week and present the documents before them.
In their moves to enter the semi-professional competition, the Rigo League Association will be holding its selection trials to select raw talents from the district before they look at other parts of the province to recruit more players.
“Our open electorate Member Ano Pala has assured us of his support of the franchise team, the Rigo Roosters, and it will be a golden opportunity for us to expose our local boys from the district at the top competitions such as the bemobile Cup,” Mairi said.
Other centres who have already indicated their interests to enter the competition next season are Kundiawa Warriors and Gulf Sapeas, which would increase the number of teams competing in the semi-professional competition.