Rigo villagers unite in celebration

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The National, Thursday, April 28, 2011

LOCAL businessman Wala Gamu, from Galomarubu Rigo, Central, hosted a feast for his people from all over Rigo to celebrate Easter last week.
Villagers arrived at Gamu’s home in Galomarubu with close to 50 pigs, bananas and garden food that Gamu had paid for to share with his people during the special occasion.
Dressed in traditional attire, many of the villagers danced to the beat of the kundu while welcoming Gamu and his family onto the stage.
They later feasted together.
“This is a special time to gather and feast as Rigo people are united this weekend,” Gamu said.
“It is time to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ who gave his life for us all and I am pleased to have you all gathered at my request.”
Gamu arranged for all Rigo villagers to be fed and sent them home on hire trucks.
He gave a pig each to every village that attended the celebrations.
He confirmed the gathering was not a political rally but an invitation to all Rigo people to share in his success as a businessman.
“This time is for all of Rigo to congregate and celebrate together with food and traditional dancing to mark the importance of Easter,” Gamu said.