Riotous mood at Hides plant site

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 THE uncalled attack on the employees of the Clough Curtain Joint Venture at the LNG plant site recently must be condemned with the harshest terms there is. 

There are avenues available to address such issues. 

The blame should have gone to the parents and guardians of the deceased for negligence than to anyone else.

It is bewildering to read of 700 hundred moaning relatives attacking the LNG plant site, when not one of those concerned 700-plus bothered to spare sometime to watch the boy as he roamed unattended into a billion dollar chemical plant construction site that fateful day.

I have read of such hideous episodes in many of PNG’s history and I am ashamed deeply to see it conjure up again in the21st century.

I wonder if any of those 700 relatives have hear of the word “autopsy” to determine cause of death



Fumbruk Erike

Via email