Rise in escapes due to no fence

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The National, Friday October 11th, 2013


THE  increase in the number of escapes at Buimo jail, in Lae, has been attributed to the lack of fencing around the prison.

Buimo jail commander Judy Tara on Wednesday said many escapes happened because there was no porper fencing around  the prison.

“We have been making headlines in the newspapers because of this,” she said.

“We  made a submission to the Department of National Planning in 2011 for a new perimeter and boundary fencing and are still waiting,” Tara said.

Tara said the prison needed new fencing to prevent escapes.

She said a Port Moresby-based company was working on the fences surrounding the high-risk compound area after the commissioner directed them following a visit.

Officials said without the perimeter fencing, the prison was used as a short-cut by residents of West Taraka crossing from Nawaeb Block  to their settlements.

“Some of the settlers have used state land to do their gardening,” Tara said.

She  said the prison was into agriculture and the unused land would be recovered  and used for other purposes.

She said no compensation would  be paid to those affected because it was  CS land in the first place.