Rise in lifestyles beget fatal deaths

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A RISE in lifestyles among the people, especially the “elites”, has also brought with it their killer diseases, a medical officer said.
The common ones are diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and heart-related diseases caused by poor diets and a lack of exercise.
Capt (Dr) Roselyn Wia said that during National Health Week (Aug 24-28), where checks carried out by the National Health Department found that many people were obese, and had high blood pressure and high sugar levels.
She said it was important that people undergo regular medical checks and not consult a doctor only when they were sick.
Capt Wia, who was among several members of the PNG Defence Force that volunteered their time to advise the public, said the move to hold a national health week was good.
“It will teach people the importance to have regular checks,” she told The National.
“It also provides an opportunity to review and advise them, and where necessary, refer them for treatment.”
Gini Gion, an employee with the Department of Labour and Industry, said most times people would get carried away with work and not take care of what they ate.
“We need to take extra precautions with our diet. I have to do something about my life and this programme is very helpful. At least we get checked and they (health workers) can tell us if we have a problem,” she said.
Michael Wau from the Department of Environment and Conservation added the Health Department should get tough on unhealthy foodstuffs.