Rise in marijuana consumption worrying


THERE has been a spike in marijuana sale and consumption nationwide and it’s starting to become a norm.
Marijuana is prevalent throughout our nation.
The trade and usage of marijuana is surging and many of our communities have been riddled with youths and few older folks consuming it as normal cigarettes.
This is alarming and scary.
One usual place in which the drug is sold and smoked openly is at Port Moresby’s Unagi Oval in Gordon.
Smoking, buying and selling of this illicit drug has been ongoing with people not bothered about it.
Even the police in civilian clothes turn a blind eye when seeing drug addicts smoking openly.
This trend shows a clear sign of moral decay.
One other similar place is in the west Goroka area in Eastern Highlands.
The front of shopping areas in Goroka are riddled with marijuana.
Marijuana consumers hide when they see police approaching.
The Government needs to address this holistically before it worsens.
I hope the responsible authorities do something about the spike in the trade and consumption of marijuana.

Maru Igabi

One thought on “Rise in marijuana consumption worrying

  • Correct – Government should place tougher laws on marijuana and home brews like other countries are doing before it get worse. Tougher penalties should be given to those in possession of illegal drugs.

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