Rise in urban drift causes rise in crime

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THE NCD governor needs to shift his focus on reducing urban drift rather than beautifying the city.
Settlements are mushrooming all over the city and they have become a fertile ground for criminal elements.
The question the governor must answer is: Which is more important – continuing to beautify the capital city or getting rid of the pest?
The fact of the matter is no NCD governors – past or present – have had the guts to impose the Vagrancy Act.
It is time Governor Powes Parkop implement this act.
Removing settlements in the city will resolve a lot of economic and social problems which the governor is aware of but is not seen to be taking  action.
My appeal to the governor is to resolve the real issues affecting the capital city.
It is time for him to act tough.
The NCD residents will give him our full support if he were to crack the whip.


Law abiding citizen
Port Moresby