Rising star gone too soon


SOUTHERN Highlands is rich in cultural diversity in all parts of the province.
Different dialects are spoken in different ethnic spheres.
Not only copious deposits of natural resources makes Southern Highlands known elsewhere.
Apart from famous political idols in the likes of Wiru chief Peter O’Neill, Southern Highlands is home to some of PNG’s celebrated artists in music industry.
They include Augustine Emil, late K-Mala, Wame Blood, DPJ, Jr Imbo Keri, Firezone, Naik Zebi and Southern Highlands-raised Kronos.
Nathan David Kuna was a rising star but died because of a heart disease. Kuna, a remarkable young artist, was popularly known as Nates Dee.
Originally from Mendi, he was the founder of Wanbel Sound Studio, who helped produced music for people in his area.
He was a humble and a kind gentleman, I presume, after watching his notable “Ambulge Joicy” music video on YouTube.
He was soft-spoken with a unique voice that captures listeners’ attention with his rhymes.
He was a key figure behind the “Kirapim Souths Music” campaign.
I was almost in tears when I heard one of his songs “Till The End”, which was released shortly before his passed away.
He brought Southern Highlands music to a higher and competitive level. Nates Dee will remain as an inspiration for upcoming Southern Highlands artists.

Justin Max Undi

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