Rising violence worries church


THE Lutheran Church is concerned with the escalating violence in Mendi, Southern Highlands.
The church’s head, Bishop Jack Urame, yesterday said the killing of two policemen near the Anga River and destruction to properties in Mendi showed that lawlessness had gripped the society.
“Lawlessness is slowing eating the fabric of our society,” he said.
“The killing of the policemen and destruction to properties in Mendi should be condemned in the strongest sense.
“When we kill law enforcers and destroy properties, it shows that we have no respect for the laws.
“Laws are there for the good of everyone.”
Urame said civilisation reached the country a longtime ago and by now people’s attitude should have changed for the better.
“We should progress not regress,” he said.
“We should talk and hear about positive developments not killings and arsons.”
Urame said the Christian message taught by churches should take centre stage in people’s lives and they must respect themselves, their neighbours and the government of the day.

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