Rivals to stop fighting

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The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013


TWO rival politicians have signed a peace agreement to end election-related fights in the Salt-Nomane area of Chimbu.

Karimui-Nomane MP Mogerema Wei and his main rival candidate in the 2012 general election Michael Korry agreed to end an on-going tribal rivalry between the Wangeku and Yui clans of the Salt local level government, in South Chimbu.

They signed the peace agreement in Port Moresby facilitated by Deputy Commissioner Police Operations Simon Kauba.

The Chimbu Police Community Policing Unit has put up billboards unveiled by Wei at Dawa village last Friday to announce the end to the fights.

Wei told the people that although the agreement was signed in Port Moresby, the people affected lived in the village.

“It is necessary for the peace process to take place so the people are at ease to accept initiatives and support development,” he said.

“And I am committed to ensuring that peace and normalcy return. If anything happens on the road or in the village, we will not be responsible and the law will take its course.”

He does not want to see money earmarked for development spent on the peace process.

Wei wants to relocate the Karimui-Nomane district office in Karimui station to Salt-Nomane and bring all public servants there.

He said the district badly needed good roads and the people must stop fighting so that such infrastructure development could take place.

“We must get ready to participate and forget about fighting,” he said.

He thanked Chimbu Provincial Police Commander Supt Augustine Wampe and community policing officers John Kora and Joe Wakai for erecting billboards and establishing community policing initiatives to bring the rival factions together.

Wampe said the Community Policing Unit spent a lot of time to facilitate the peace process.