RO highlights areas to address


Lancelot Kamake

Tewai-Siassi returning officer Lancelot Kamake has cited communication and logistics as two main areas that might affect the running of the election in the district in Morobe.
Kamake said security had been highlighted by his election officials
He said mobile signal was poor at Sialum district headquarters where counting would be held.
“People have to move to certain locations where they can have access to mobile network.
“It will be risky for us as election officials trying to get information out.”
He said there should be good coverage so that any information that needed to be transmitted via phone quickly could be done with ease.
He said the counting venue at Sialum station should have an effective mobile coverage to make communication easier.
“However, we have communicated with the head office in Port Moresby and they knew about this so we are hoping for a favourable response,” he said.
Kamake said for safety, he had requested for security personnel during the nomination period.
“Last week, we engaged our local auxiliary police who did a good job during nomination,” he said.
He said there were no election-related problems experienced so far in Tewai-Siassi district.
Kamake said movement of ballot papers should be efficient.
“Once the ballot boxes are completed, they should be moved out at once and not be delayed.”

Respect election process: Manager

THE people of East New Britain have been urged to respect the election and ensure a peaceful polling and counting period.
Provincial election manager Joab Voivoi said this in response to questions regarding the situation on the ground in ENB.
He said they were carrying out awareness on the limited preferential voting (LPV) system to prepare the voters.
He commended the people for a quiet nomination period while stressing that they needed to do the same during the polling and counting period.
Voivoi said they were organising logistics (land, sea and air) for polling and counting.
He said the candidate numbers for East New Britain had increased from 83 in 2017 to 96 in 2022.
Meanwhile, New Ireland election manager Benjamin Kliawi said preparations were underway with polling officials listing and preparing of logistics.
“Our returning officers are now working to put together the polling teams lists and also getting the vehicles organised and the necessary logistics required for the polling,” he said.

Wau-Waria’s sole woman candidate wants change

WAU-WARIA’s only woman candidate will be contesting the seat based on past leadership and experience evaluated and requested by the youths and mothers in the electorate.
Judy Pokana was a public servant for about 30 years, and council manager for the Wau rural local level government (LLG) in 2011 when Wau and Waria were still under Bulolo district.
She said that during her three-year term (2011-2013) there were some developments that took place in the LLG, especially water supply services, the launching of five primary and elementary schools with the support of late deputy prime minister Sam Basil.
Pokana, contesting as an independent candidate, will focus on five key areas – law and justice, infrastructure development, economic development, health and social development.
“Due to continuous law and order issues, I would support youths by involving them in activities supporting law-enforcing bodies,”she said.
“Upgrading and building new roads and bridges in order to bring in projects and programmes.
“In terms of economic development, I would support agriculture and livestock, cash crops and new projects, Garaina Tea re-opening (closed in the late ’90s), mining and to support small to medium enterprises for women and youths.
She will look at means to build a new Wau hospital and re-open aid posts to carry out immunisation in rural and remote areas.
She wants to see improvement to Wau’s only secondary school, Grace Memorial Secondary, elementary schools turned into primary schools and vocational schools and flexible open distance education (Fode)
“I would like to build women empowerment, promote tourism and help vulnerable groups.”