Road council advised to ensure spot fines are accounted for


AUDITOR-General Philip Nauga has advised the National Road Safety Council to ensure that money collected from spot fines is properly accounted for.
Nauga said in the Auditor-General’s Report for 2016, which covered the NRSC in 2015, that traffic infringement notices (TIN) were of significant concern.
“My review of the traffic infringement fines revealed that controls surrounding this area had improved over the years,” he said.
“However, there were instances where TIN books given to police officers were never returned to the council, and some inspectors lost the TIN books.
“Although TIN fine schedules were properly maintained and summarised, summaries of deposits and deposit vouchers were not properly filed by the designated officer for review purposes.”
He said when he brought the matter to the management, it responded as follows: “We have reviewed our internal control systems and are now implementing new controls including the control of TIN and receipt books. Officers are designated to ensure proper record-keeping and the actual TIN and receipts books are safely and properly maintained”.