Road deals clarified


I am writing in response to Morobe transport board chairman Kobby Bomario and CEO Joshua Mais on their appeal for the transport authority to decentralise its functions.
The issues raised in the report in Tuesday’s newspaper (Page 5) were discussed two weeks ago when the team met with the National Transport Authority.
Under the old Motor Traffic Act (1950s) the superintendent of motor traffic delegate the vehicle registration and driver licensing powers to the provincial governments, and the National Land Transport Board delegated the passenger licensing (PMVs and taxis) to the provincial governments.
Under the RTA Act 2014, the same powers will be delegated to the provincial governments.
The provincial governments will retain the powers and continue to receive what they have been receiving from these functions.
The increased component will be discussed and agreed to by both parties by way of a contract. RTA only wants to take control of the systems and processes so that we have the data to improve and provide an effective public transport system in Papua New Guinea.
RTA’s desire is to have a national information technology system for vehicle registration and driver licensing for PNG.
This system will also be used for other integrated services like in the licensing of inspection stations, licensing of passenger transport (PMVs and taxis), licensing of motor car dealers, licensing of freight transport and finally the enforcement (traffic infringement notice issuance).
At the moment the provinces have a standalone systems and manually done, therefore we need one national information technology system in PNG to perform all these functions.
RTA is not here to work against the provincial governments.
You are our partners to address land transport issues at the provincial level. Regarding the revenue component you will continue to collect and it will not affect your provincial budgets.
Other provincial governments should not be misled.
The draft agreements have already been circulated to the provinces who need to sign up with RTA so that the same powers under the old Motor Traffic Act will be delegated to you under the new RTA Act 2014. RTA’s intention to improve and modernise land transport services in PNG is the way forward to address the current high rate of road accidents.
All provincial gtovernments are encouraged to sign the agreements with RTA so that the powers can be delegated to them.

Nelson Terema
A/CEO National Transport

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