Road into Jimi now accessible

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Story and picture by ZACHERY PER

ABOUT 2,000 people of middle Jimi district in Western Highlands province can now travel by road instead of walking long distances for hours.
This follows the upgrading of the Wara Kants to Dei Council road.
The people have been walking for hours to get to Mt Hagen and Banz, but now they can reach their destination in no time.
The local level government provided funding for the repair of a bulldozer that had broken four years ago.
Local MP Wake Goi and the district planning and budget priorities committee agreed that parts for the bulldozer be bought for mechanics to travel to Tsenga village to fix the bulldozer and get it up and running.
Heavy diesel mechanics Jerry Noli, Robert Keke, Timothy Kaiye and operators Kops Nguna and Robert Mekenik were engaged to fix the dozer.
“The road should have been completed in three months, however, due to fuel shortage, progress was slow,” Mr Nguna said.
Ward councillor of Tsenga Jacob Yakim said re-opening the road was important to the people.
“Mr Goi wants to see the people progress in life and achieve their dreams,” he said.
Community leader Puri Pakup expressed delight, saying Mr Goi had put aside his political differences for the people.
“Now the people can take their garden produce and coffee to markets in towns.”
Mr Yakim urged the people of Jimi to put aside their political differences and stand united with their leaders and public servants for development.
Jimi will be part of the new Jiwaka province.