Road links MP’s priority

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013


KARIMUI-Nomane MP Mogerema Wei aims to open up road networks before bringing in other essential services.

Karimui is only accessible by air. Salt-Nomane can be accessed by air and land. But roads are in poor condition.

Wei is determined to open up road links, including the main Karimui road that the Government has been funding through the district services improvement programme.

“We receive a lot of positive indications from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill regarding the Karimui road,” he said.

“We hope it will be put into the public investment programme for funding in the 2014 budget. 

“I also thank him for supporting the construction of the Karimui bridge over the Waghi River into the Karimui plateau.”

Wei said the Elk-Antelop oil project at the border of Gulf and Chimbu and the Mt Crater gold at the border of Eastern Highlands and Chimbu were part of Karimui which would benefit.

“We will reap a lot of benefits under the benefits sharing agreement which will give us a lot of opportunities for development.

“However, without accessible road links, we will continue to miss out (on opportunities),” Wei said.

He is working on opening up roads in the district, including Sua to Kiari, Salt to Nomane, Nomane to Sinasina, and Derito-Gunage, Dualito-Chuave and Salt-Nomane feeder roads.