Road links rural district

National, Normal

The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014


MORE than 40,000 people living between Gumine and Nomane, in Karimui district, Chimbu, are benefiting from a road funded by the MP for Karamui-Nomane.

Mogerema Wei used his District Services Improvement Funds to help build the Gumine to Wara-Suwa road last year at ta cost of K1 million.

The road connects Wei’s electorate at Wara-Suwa.

Karamui-Nomane district affairs officer Johnson Wai said Wei stood in with a helping hand after many leaders had failed to maintain the road. 

Wai said the people of Salt and Nomane used the section of the road to travel to Kundiawa.

“The MP has allocated a substantial amount of money to maintain airstrips in Karamui,” Wai said.

He said the road would be officially opened by National Planning Minister, Charles Abel on February 25. Abel will  launch the Wara-Suwa to Kiare Road.

With the machinery, Wei bought building material for schools, health centres and public servants’ houses,  two ambulances for the Nomane and Kilau health centres and a truck for the Doliba High School. All that will be presented at the same time. 

Wai said the machinery included two excavators, a D5 bulldozer, a 11-ton tipper truck, culverts, wire gabion baskets and project vehicles .