Road rage incident turns nasty as shots fired

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A ROAD rage incident involving two motorists along Kennedy Road, Gordon, in Port Moresby on Saturday, nearly turned deadly when one of the drivers fired gunshots at the other vehicle.
The incident happened between 2pm and 3pm when one of the drivers remonstrated with the other about his ‘dangerous’ driving.
EM TV’s national sales manager, Peter Jackson, and his female passenger were still shaken by the incident yesterday.
Mr Jackson said an argument erupted after he had followed the other driver and warned him over his dangerous driving.
He said the argument escalated and as a crowd gathered, Mr Jackson was leaving the scene when the other man retaliated by drawing his 9mm pistol.
Mr Jackson said the man fired indiscriminately at the departing vehicle, with bullets narrowly missing him and his long time partner.
He said the incident had also put other lives in danger as bullets flew in all directions.
“Police counted six 9mm bullets in my car. This one missed my head by about an inch,” Mr Jackson said.
His partner was still in shock as she was in the car with Mr Jackson at the time.
“Fortunately, when the shooting started, I pushed her down and protected her as I drove off while looking just over the dash board and flooring it.
“Police reckon they know who it is,” Mr Jackson said.
The matter was later reported to police who are investigating.
Mr Jackson said he was confident that the police would deal with the matter appropriately.
Anyone who has information on the driver’s identity or the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.
The suspect is allegedly of Asian origin and drives a yellow sports car with a black stripe.