Road safety tops my priority

Letters, Normal

I REFER to my statement published on Nov 12 and your editorial on Nov 16 quoting me, Snr Insp Michael Kanguma, officer in-charge of NCD traffic, blaming reconditioned cars for road accidents on Port Moresby roads.
My interpretation to reconditioned cars is that we need to ban the importation of these cars until the law agencies and authorities have disposed unroadworthy vehicles which are more than 20 years old causing traffic congestions and overcrowding.
My concern is simply “road safety”.
Once the unroadworthy vehicles are disposed and cleared from the roads, the ban on reconditioned and imported vehicles into Port Moresby should be lifted.
The reconditioned vehicles already in the city and at car dealers’ yards are not restricted.
It is because the roads in Port Moresby are getting crowded and we, the authorities, and the public must do something to minimise road traffic problems.


Michael Peri Kanguma
Chief Inspector
OIC Traffic NCD