Road upgrade ready to start

Lae News, Normal


Work on more sections of the Lae roads is set to commence with the recent awarding of contracts by the Central Tenders and Supply Board.
President of the Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Alan McLay said yesterday that some contracts had been awarded for construction in cement.
The Lae Chamber’s weekly news update last week reported that the national government was in the process of tendering seven sections of the Lae roads to be reconstructed under the K100 million funds allocation which was announced by Finance Minister, Peter O’Neill in Lae in August.
According to the business communiqué, the renovation of more sections of the roads, coupled with the sections currently being worked on was good news indeed for companies and the travelling public as it would mean more comfortable rides.
Parties interested in the road works were given options to construct in either bitumen or cement. 
Although the most favoured option among businesses and city residents was cement or concrete, there was equal concern as to whether the strength of the cement specified in the tender documents was strong enough.
Businesses houses were worried that the amount of money spent on upgrading the roads would go to waste if road foundations were in danger of collapsing and under strength.
 They are also reminding the provincial government to uphold their road maintenance obligations including the industrial roads that were funded by AusAID and now requires urgent maintenance.
Lae roads are notorious for needing constant repair and upgrade compelling engineers in the city to meet every so often to discuss the civil works and seek remedial solutions. 
Heavy traffic and the constant wet season in Lae also contribute to the fast deterioration of the city’s roads.