Road work going well: MP

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JUSTICE Minister Bryan Kramer has told a court that construction work on the 5.2km Modilon Road is progressing well but there are problems delaying the completion of the road.
However, when asked whether he was an expert on road construction, Kramer said: “I am not an expert. But if the experts find that the road is not built up to the standard, then they need to bring the dispute to court.”
Kramer was testifying before Human Rights judge Justice David Cannings on Friday in which Kramer and 16 respondents have been summoned to explain the bad road conditions in Madang town in a notice issued by the judge on June 10.
Kramer said the road was being constructed by Madang District Works and Equipment Ltd, a company owned by the Madang District Development Authority.
“Weather is one of biggest problems that they face that is slowing down work. The other problem that the company is facing is equipment for construction work,” he said.
“The first part of the road had been sealed which is the front part of Andersons Foodland.
“Engineers were engaged to carry out testing on the soil before the road was constructed and I believe that the road works meet the standard.”
Kramer was crossed examined by Works Department lawyer Jonathan Saka who asked whether he was an expert on road construction and soil testing.
Saka asked Kramer: “How sure are you about the quality of the road works being done?”
Kramer responded: “I am not an expert but if the experts find that the road is not being built to standard, then they need to bring it to the court.”
Saka told Kramer that there were still some outstanding debts to pay to the Works Department for using their machines.
Kramer said he had requested for them to provide the invoices for him to arrange payment.
He also told the court that some section of the Modilon Road would be completed end of April.
Justice Cannings told those present that he would be flexible with the case and wanted the responsible authorities to work together to complete the road.
He then adjourned the matter to Thursday for the parties named in the proceedings to give evidence.
In June, Justice Cannings issued various orders that included that the roadworks on the most dilapidated sections of Modilon Road, Handy Mart Junction, Modilon Hospital, Tusbab Secondary School and Andersons Foodland shall be completed by Oct 17, 2021.
And roadworks on other sections of Modilon Road shall be completed in accordance with further orders of the court.