Roadblock mars students’ first day

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The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014


HUNDREDS of students attending education institutions at Fatima in North Waghi, Jiwaka, have been forced to return home after landowners blocked the road.

The Habapang tribesmen dug a metre-deep drain across the road leading to Fatima yesterday morning preventing students and 

vehicles from reaching their schools.

Fatima, a Catholic-run station, has various education institutions including a secondary school, seminary, primary school, Technical Vocation Education Training centre and elementary school.

It has a health centre and church.

The landowners from the neighbouring villages demanded to paid compensation for the land where the station was located.

A source in Fatima said students and parents arriving for registration were turned back at the road junction leading to the schools.

He said registration was supposed to be held this week with normal classes starting next week.

He said teachers were waiting for the students in the schools.

He said Fatima Secondary School enrolled 1,060 students last year. This figure is expected to exceed 1,100 this year.

“The landowners will have a meeting with the provincial authority this morning in Banz,” he said.

No comments could be obtained from the education authorities in Jiwaka yesterday.