Roads blocked by landslips

Lae News, Normal

THE road section between Wau and Bulolo townships has been covered by several landslips.
Between 10 and15m of road between Pine Top and Missus Booth had been covered by landslips covering it up to about 2m.
The dirt were cleared yesterday evening by merchant company Moale Holdings and gold miner Niuminco.
They had placed a D3 dozer which, foot travellers, who had commuted by PMV to Bulolo, said was not enough to clear the road before the end of the week.
The road is impassable for prime movers to freight goods to the Hidden Valley in Wau.
Before Bulolo town, at Zenag, an IPI 18-wheeler truck loaded with goods for the gold mine was stuck at Kumalu River since Tuesday morning.
The river had cut up three new courses and had also threatened the Veisamu village. All 50 houses, some of which have rural electrification, had been abandoned.
At Bangalum, Samsam and Leklu villages, flooding had threatened to dislodge the bridges posing a grave danger to traffic.
The Baiune bridge has also been threatened. “Everywhere, the tar is being washed away by the water,” commuters from Lae to Bulolo said.
This is the worst flooding of roads to have happened in the last 50 years in the area.