Roads fixed, businesses hopeful


BUSINESSES in Madang are expecting an increase in activities after the work on the roads in town are completed in April, an official says.
Madang chamber of commerce and industry president Kevin Murray said the poor road condition had badly affected business in the town, compounded by the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
“The Covid-19 is a big downer on things and the state of our roads is another problem that’s making it difficult for people to operate businesses in town,” he told The National.
Murray said roads were being repaired with the Modilon road expected to be sealed by the end of April.
“Once it’s done, it will make life a lot easier for us in Madang,” he said. Murray said one of the biggest commercial developments in the town last year was the building of a new supermarket by Supreme Investments, the parent company of Yaho, in the centre of town.
He said one of the “downsides” was Agmark moving out of Madang.
“They are a major buyer of cocoa and copra,” Murray said.
“They’ve moved out making it difficult for people to sell their cocoa and copra.
“One of the things that we can look forward to is the increase in prices of copra and cocoa.
Murray said commercially speaking, any development in Madang was by Chinese companies.
“Other than that, there’s been very little other developments,” he said.
“The main thing that’s going to help us increase commercial activities in Madang is the roads.”

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