Roads seen as vital service in rural areas


ROADS are important services that most people in rural areas are looking forward to support the government to construct, a local leader says.
Ward 32 councillor of Yakana village Michael Kude said the Yelia local level government of Eastern Highlands which borders with Morobe and Gulf needs basic services.
“I believe government services will come to this district when the roads are constructed. Right now we are constructing a road from Andakombi to Asakombi, we have only done 6km of the 26km road,” he said.
“As a ward we have been struggling, there is only one primary school, one sub-health centre and one rural airstrip which serve 10 villages.
“The only way we get supplies is through air services provided mostly by Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF). The airstrip has been serving us for the last 34 years, and is our only mode of transport.”
He said people carry coffee bags and walk two days Kwaplalim in Menyamya station in Morobe to sell.