Roads vital in development process

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The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013


ROAD transportation played a crucial role in the early development of this nation and continues to chart an integral part in the development process, Southern Highlands documentation, monitoring and project manager Dennis Mongea says.

For the foreseeable future, road transportation will still have to be relied on, a basic factor for promoting and sustaining economic and social development.

More than 31,000 people from Upper Mendi local level government and people living on the border of Western Highlands and Enga are happy to have access to better roads.

Southern Highlands Governor William Powi recently funded K3 million for the upgrading of the road, which leads to Mogol Secondary School, one of the pioneer secondary schools in the province.

Morgan Francis, a youth leader from Ekari Village in the Upper Mendi LLG, praised Powi’s administration for improving roads and bridges.

“Thank you so much governor Powi and O’Neil-Dion government for giving priority to roads and bridge infrastructures which has made life easier for rural farmers to access markets easily,” he said.

Mongea said all feeder roads and bridges in the province were currently undergoing major upgrades and renovation.

Mongea said currently road constructions underway in the province are the Mendi-Upper Mendi, Mendi-Kandep, Bush Karinz, Mendi-Tari, Sumia-Pinz, Yaria-Kagua, Kagua-Erave, Bartri roads and few others yet to be upgraded and constructed.

He urged landowners to cooperate and not to argue with contracting companies working on the roads.