‘Roaming’ teachers put off payroll

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TEACHERS taken off the payroll or not receiving entitlements should ask themselves whether they are in school or somewhere else, says the Teaching Service Commission (TSC).
TSC operations manager Mike Ugaia was responding to teachers claiming not to have been paid last year.
“We don’t see any hold up here,” he said. “As soon as all the reports and files (on teachers) are received, they go straight to payroll and teachers get paid.”
Ugaia said if teachers were absent from school, then they would have issues with pay and allowances.
“If they have not been paid, then teachers have to ask themselves whether they (have been conducting classes) in the school or not,” he said.
“There should not be a problem with pay and allowances if head masters (confirm that) teachers have been in school for the year.”
Ugaia said a low Grade Point Average and the delay of documents in the provinces could also result in teachers missing from the payroll.
TSC chairman Samson Wangihomie said some teachers hardly stayed in schools, roaming around town and later complaining about not being paid entitlements.
He said they were the ones who complained of not being paid and bribe officials to fix their complaint.
Wangihomie said the commission did not submit reports on teachers but the schools.
“Our salaries are position-driven, not qualification-driven,” he said.
“So it’s one person, one pay, one position.”

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