Robbed and thrown out of moving vehicle

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AN Asian man, who works with the Covec Construction Company that is engaged in major road project in Western Highlands province, was shocked and lost for words after an ordeal with four armed abductors last Sunday night in Banz town.
The suspects held up the man in the company vehicle and drove to Kotna where they threw him out before driving away in the stolen vehicle.
Provincial police commander Supt Ambane Kaiglo said yesterday afternoon that an employee of Asian origin was held up by four suspects, armed with a pistol, around 10pm at Banz Club.
They drove away with him to Kotna in the Dei district the same night.
Supt Ambane said along the road the suspects checked the victim’s pocket, got his K1,200 cash and K200 worth of flex cards then threw him out of the vehicle and escaped in it.
He said the stolen vehicle is a blue 10-seater Toyota Landcruiser.
The number plate is HAK – 392.
Supt Ambane said after the alarm was raised, Banz police followed the criminals to Kotna and rescued the Asian the same night.
He said the criminals escaped with the vehicle and have gone into hiding.
Supt Ambane said the vehicle is still in the hands of the criminals and appealed to the people of Dei and other parts of the province, who may have come across the vehicle, to report to the police.
He said Covec Construction Company came into the province to improve the road network and it was not good for people, who were supposed to appreciate them, to turn back and steal from the company.
Supt Ambane said this was very bad for the province and appealed to the people to cooperate with the police and help arrest those involved and recover the company’s vehicle.
He said police were investigating the matter but needed assistance from the public.
Supt Ambane added that anyone with information can report to the nearest police station.