Robberies end in deaths

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THE public and police allegedly killed two suspects during three armed robberies in West New Britain last weekend, provincial police commander Chief Supt John Midi says.
“The suspects also shot and killed a man when escaping after robbing a PMV,” he said.
Chief Supt Midi said the public arrested and allegedly killed one suspect in two separate robberies last Monday (June 23).
In the morning at about 11 am, an armed criminal gang held up a shop in Kimbe town and were making a getaway in a PMV bus that they had stolen earlier. When attempting to escape in the stolen bus, the public stoned them and disturbed their escape plan.
“In that confusion, they left one of their members and escaped in the bus,” Supt Midi said.
“The one left behind was attacked by the public until police intervened to save him.
“However, that suspect sustained serious knife wounds, including the chopping off of his fingers before police arrived.
“He is admitted at the Kimbe General Hospital.”
Supt Midi said at about 6pm, three armed men held up a bus-load of passengers at Aling along the Kimbe-Mosa Road.
“But the driver immediately sped off, catching the suspects off-guard for about 15 minutes and stopped at the busy Navio market,” he said.
The driver then shouted to the public that criminals were in the bus.
The suspects attempted to escape but the public disarmed them.
“They then inflicted serious knife injuries to two of the suspects and stabbed another, killing him instantly.
“The two injured suspects are in hospital.”
Supt Midi said on June 21 at about noon, a man was allegedly shot in the head by armed suspects after robbing a PMV at Aum Bridge along the Kimbe-Bialla road.
“They had robbed the passengers and the PMV crew and took all the valuables. But, for unknown reason, they shot and killed the man who was a passenger,” Supt Midi said.
“They then escaped along the river.
“Police tracked them down and during a shootout, a suspect was killed and another injured.”
The injured suspect is now in hospital.


  • The injured suspects must be put behind bars and treated there or they don’t deserve to be treated either because of the kind of criminal activities they get involved in. These criminal elements are very dangerous and innocent lives are affected and even lost. They deserve to die as well. If you treat them , they get out of hospital or jail and continue to get engaged in criminal activities so why treating them at hospitals?

  • Even though they allegedly commit the crime, they are still innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Therefore they have the right to life and to be treated by everyone else in the legal sense. However, one might argue that this is morally wrong as these perpetrators deserve no good from the society. Hence, I think the world is made this way.

  • Good Job public and police. That’s the way forward we heard enough of criminal youths around the country. They are the threats to the society and development at large. Killed him no need for hospitalized.

  • I am a resident of Kimbe and I am sick and tired of holdups here. Holdups are happening regularly and Kimbe is becoming dangerous. Thank you the police and the public. We will do whatever it takes to make our town safe again.

  • Well done Police and the public. These criminals are too lazy and looking for easy life. Kimbe is well rich with abundant natural resources and cash flow is very. People need to change the way of thinking start work the land so they will have better lives.

  • Just tell us where these criminals are from. If they are not locals, deport them to where they came from.

  • Leroy Nagle your statement clearly stating that you are one of them and promoting criminal activities there.

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