Robbers caught in the act

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By Sylvester Wemuru
ARMED men were shocked to find police in a vehicle they were trying to carjack at Transgogol’s Yelso village in Madang over the weekend.
The men, armed with bush knives, didn’t realise they had stopped an unmarked police vehicle to rob the occupants of the vehicle, only to scramble for cover when police heads popped up.
Two of the robbers weren’t quick enough to get away like their colleagues and were nabbed.
“They’re in custody and would be charged this week,” Madang police commander acting Supt Mazuc Rubiang said. He said police were responding to an incident in which a man was abusing his wife.
Supt Rubiang said as the police officers were driving back after attending to the complaint, they came across drunk armed men who tried to rob them of their vehicle.
“They stopped the police officers but when they saw police officers inside the vehicle, they ran but two were slow,” he said.
“They were caught by the police.”
Supt Rubiang said it was not an easy job for police.
An unarmed police officer was almost chopped by the men when he went and tried to search them, he said.
“Other police officers assisted him and removed the bush knives from them before arresting them.
“People these days do not respect police when they use their voice.
“They have to use force to apprehend such people.”

One thought on “Robbers caught in the act

  • Majority of the people, I assume would appreciate the presence of police patrols and presences in especially urban suburbs. Only a few or handful of youths including children between the ages of 13 and 15 become so rowdy and tried to act as though there is no law ,that is when police is not there. They swear, harass, threaten the general public including holding up driving publics. These mobs at times would play hide and seek with the police especially during the nights, the mobs would shout and utter inappropriate words at the police from a distance and while hiding and taking cover. The police cannot do much as it is dark and the chances to apprehend them is slim. I have witnessed these happenings so many times and am sick and tired.

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