Robbery suspect arrested in dawn raid


A MAN suspected of being involved in three separate robberies in Lorengau, Manus, on Oct 31, was arrested during a dawn raid on Tuesday, local police say.
Manus police commander Chief Insp David Yapu told The National that the suspect was shot and wounded when he came out of the shop after robbing it.
He said according to the police brief, the man and five accomplices, who were all armed, held up the driver of the Lorengau Hospital vehicle and stole it.
Chief Insp Yapu said the gang then abandoned the vehicle and held up another person who was driving a hired vehicle and drove to where they robbed the shop.
“The suspect then drove to Lorengau Enterprise that is owned by a Bangladesh man and held up the shop manager and his employees and stole K56,000 in cash,” he said.
“All the suspects went out of the shop and then fired at the police who arrived at the scene.”
Chief Insp Yapu said the police also exchanged gun fire with the armed men and shot and wounded one in the left leg but they drove away with the wounded robber.
The gang abandoned the vehicle in the bush and fled on foot with the money.

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