Robbery suspect shot dead in Madang

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MADANG police shot dead one suspect dead and injured four others who allegedly robbed a shop in town during broad daylight on Saturday.
The suspects held up workers in a shop near Bank South Pacific and forced some passengers off a dinghy at ANZ Bank waterfront and made their escape on it.
Their escape boat had arrived late and met them halfway so they transferred onto their own boat but police had closed up on them by then using another dinghy.
Eyewitnesses said police shot and killed one and injured four who were admitted at Modilon Hospital.
The suspects were reportedly from East Sepik who lived around the airport area.
Madang acting provincial police commander Senior Inspector Jacob Bando said police had been keeping close watch for possible robberies leading up to New Year.
Bando said the overall New Year celebration was quiet otherwise and police had worked double time to make sure there were no major incidences.
He said the police traffic unit had done a good job in conducting several roadblocks while the taskforce team and units worked very hard in their New Year operation to ensure a safe celebration in town.
Meanwhile New Year celebrations in Madang were disturbed by heavy rain and that kept many people indoors.
Power supply to areas like Biliau Maus Rot settlement where celebrations were expected to turn out nasty was cut and contributed to a quieter celebration.
The police traffic department reported several road accidents leading up to New Year.

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