Rogue cop hits deputy governor

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The National, Friday 04th November 2011

MOROBE Deputy Governor Morokoi Gaiwata and deputy provincial administrator for corporate services Geoving Belong were yesterday attacked by a hostile mob, which included police personnel, in front of the provincial government headquarters.
The policeman, who is known to Gaiwata, was in the unruly mob which had converged on the headquarters to pre­sent a petition to Morobe Governor Luther Wenge about the worsening law and order situation in the city, notably Eriku.
Wenge and provincial administrator Kemas Tomala were not available, so Gaiwata and Belong came out of the building to address the visibly frustrated crowd and receive the petition, in the presence of police personnel who were clearly outnumbered.  
Gaiwata, who is also president of Wa­ria local level government area in Bulolo district, said he was hit several times and humiliated in full public view along with Belong, and were forced down from the vehicle on which they were standing to address the crowd.
He said he knew the police officer.
“That police officer knew who I was and as he approached me he called out my name and blamed the government for not addressing police shortcomings before he struck me with a stick at my side.”
Police could not be reached for comment.