Rogue cops add to Lae’s problems

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 23rd November 2011

I WAS appalled to read Asa Sumba’s letter in The National (Nov 17) where a group of rogue policemen assaulted the writer’s son.
It was not an isolated incident.
At the height of the unrest two weeks ago, we had policemen pretending to do their job.
In fact, they were as­saulting and, some claim­ed, killing innocent people.
Just opposite the PTC gate, for example, a group of company employees, while waiting for the pick-up vehicle, ended being beaten and assaulted.
They reported this incident at the Lae Central police station on the same day and provided information but, as far as we know, it was never acted upon.
Policemen are supposed to uphold law and help eradicate problems, not create more pro­blems.
The victims can report rogue cops behaviour but the biggest stumbling block now is police chiefs not taking action.
If the Lae metropolitan commander, Supt Nema Mondiai, had taken disciplinary action im­mediately, policemen would dare not step out of line.
The government must appoint qualified, competent and fearless people to head the police force.
For a start, Mondiai should be immediately replaced as he is part and parcel of the current pro­blem in Lae.
Hidden Valley, Morobe