Rogue policemen tarnish the good name of RPNGC

Letters, Normal

THE conduct of several policemen at the Waigani police station has tarnished the good name of the RPNGC.
Instead of protecting the people and safeguarding their rights, these rogue policemen opted to engage in unlawful acts such as demanding money from civilians, confiscating alcohol and goods for their own consumption.
I was a victim to these opportunists twice.
Recently, while I was having a beer with my cousin at a residential area (named), several policemen from Waigani police station approached us and forced us to the police station where our drinks were confiscated.
We were told we would be arrested unless we gave them money.
We refused and argued that we were not criminals and asked to know why they were mistreating us.
We had a long argument with these so-called constables who obviously appeared to have no real professional training.
In the end, we had to contact a couple of respectable career policemen that we know for assistance.
Upon learning of that, the rogue policemen quickly released us.
The superiors ought to look into this as it is a serious matter.
Policemen on duty must be trained properly and treat people with respect.


Siks Tedi
Port Moresby