Rogue prison officers abused trust

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 IT is a real cause for concern to read about the frequent breakouts from Bomana Prison which is the country’s main correction facility.

Many of the escapees are high-risk convicts who now pose a great danger to the public.

It has also been reported that many of the escapes were aided by correctional officers who have set a bad and dangerous example to their colleagues at other prisons.

If the officers’ objective is to get the attention of their superiors or government to address their grievances, this is the wrong way.

There are proper procedures.

The government must take firm action against such behaviour as it projects a poor image of the country.

It must deal with these officers severely and where necessary, suspend, demote or transfer those suspected of wrongdoing to smaller prisons or to other provinces.

Correctional officers must realise that they have been entrusted with ensuring that criminals remain behind bars until such time that their terms have been served.

Criminals who are a threat to law-abiding citizens, businesses and the country must be locked away.


Ruben K Walkers

Port Moresby