Role of gas corporation will be restored, says PM


PRIME Minister James Marape says the role of the National Gas Corporation (NGC) will be restored because it has an integral role to play in the oil and gas sector.
Marape made this remark while speaking during the presentation of the Manus provincial government’s share of subscription payment to the tune of K950,000 to NGC at Parliament yesterday.
He said, however, the government would recommend that the organisation did not over step into other state organisation’s jurisdictions.
“In my view, NGC already has a place by law but we need to look into that and amplify that to make sure that it takes its place while not over stepping into some other state bodies,” Marape said.
“We have Kumul Petroleum Holdings (KPH), MRDC group of companies and various other landowner subsidiaries.
“The National Gas Corporation comes into place neatly to embrace national unity and provincial government participation in the oil and gas business.
“The law clear stresses that and we need to now by policy keep them intact and also augment their role in as far as what they do and embracing a specific vacuum.
“We will pick up conversations in Cabinet and make sure that NGC as a company is intact.
“Let me speak as the head of this Government that the National Gas Corporation will be restored and provincial governments can find your place in participating in the oil and gas business.
“The NGC already has the mandate and should have been engaged but for reasons known to key active players since the Oil and Gas Act was formulated up till today, it has remained silent but not dormant.”
Marape said he wanted to see all provincial governments link with the NGC which was a national company.

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