Rolgokas take to sports field to foster harmony


A TRIBE in Western Highlands has become united through sport.
The Rolgoka tribe of Dei electorate staged compeitions over the last 12 weeks which ended last Sunday.
The sports played were touch and volleyball.
A total of 32 teams (16 men’s touch teams and 16 women’s volleyball teams) took part in the games. Ward councillors, village magistrates and community leaders were also given a chance to take part in a curtain raiser soccer match to kick off final games at Gumanch village.
At the games, elderly leaders from the Rolgoka tribe conferred leadership to their youths.
Molgi Parlguns beat West M Raga 4-0 in the touch final and the Waia Raiders beat Ruapana Hunters 3-1.
The Gumanch Community Unity Games was sponsored by Rolgoka tribesman Sam Koim.
Koim’s aim was to bring unity among the people so they could leave aside their differences and be one people.
Games chairman Nelson Sent said the initiative had increased the good will in the tribe.
He commended Koim for driving positive change in their community.
Sent said the youth needed to people to believe in them and to support them and that would in turn foster a better community.
“I thank Sam Koim for sponsoring the games which has had a bigger impact,” Sent said.
Sent said he was hoping competition would become an annual fixture in the community.
“We have come to realise the importance of sports and now see that it is an important tool to change the lives.”